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Our Story


Olga Portnoy was diagnosed with stage 4 inoperable and incurable lung cancer in June, 2022.  Olga fought a brave battle for 16 months and continued to help others on a daily basis in spite of her illness. Unfortunately, on October 26th, 2023 Olga peacefully took her last breath while she was surrounded by her family and close friends. The next day, there was an outpour of requests regarding where people could make donations in Olga's name. However, no single organization could be decided on due to Olga's history of widespread support for an array of people and causes. To honor Olga's versatile sense of giving, the Olga Portnoy Foundation was born. Our family formed this foundation as a means to continue Olga's work in helping others and honoring her legacy. 

Our family's motto is, "Ohana means family, family means no one gets left behind or forgotten"

The Olga Portnoy Foundation will work to ensure no one is forgotten.



 The Olga Portnoy Foundation's mission is to assist those in acute financial need due to a medical condition.


Inspired by Olga's lifetime of giving and generous ways, we aim to eliminate human worry due to acute financial hardships associated with medical ailments. 

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